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Club Directory:

Victoria Pirulli
Fahema Patwari
Arwa El-Rowmeim
Dr.Gopal - Faculty Advisor

Volunteer Positions:

Henry Shum - Web Services

Past Members

Angela Panebianco - Club Events
Salisha Mohammed - Director Of Events
Elena C. - Member
Noor Sardar - Secretary
Ranbir Kler - Secretary
Mike Favara - President
Crisanne Canchola - Vice President
Francisca Fernandez - Treasurer
Alan Finkelstein - President

Latest News:

Do you want to see Chemistry Demos – Booms and Fumes Attend our annual Thomas Hayden Lecture Demo Show – Coming up on Jan 5, 2017

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Hey everyone! We just wanted to send out an update of what's going to be happening in the upcoming weeks:

* October 29, 2014: HALLOWEEN SHOW!!!!!!!!

- A number of you were interested in participating in the show at the first meeting. If you guys are still interested, please send an e-mail back saying that you would like to perform an experiment. Don't worry, the experiments aren't hard! We will be setting up a practice day so that we can go through all the experiments. So please e-mail us ASAP!

- Also, we would like to have a BAKE SALE on the day of the show. If anyone is interested in baking some cool science-themed treats, please e-mail us as well!!!

* November 3, 2014: CAREER FAIR

- This career fair is not only going to be directed towards science students, but will be beneficial to all. We will have a guest speaker from the career center discuss general issues such as interviews and resumes. We are also trying to get Dr. Saffran from the Chem department and Dr. Ma from the Bio department to come in and discuss internships and research opportunities.

Once again, if you are interested in participating, please e-mail us back ASAP!!! Have a great evening!

Spring Demo Show 2014!

Congratulations to Alan Finkelstein, Nohely Abrey, Alon Aminov, David Arastamanesh, Daniel Novoa, and Sanbir Singh who won silver medals for Queens College! At the Earth Day walk over the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday, 4/26/2014, QC was represented by our club members and faculty and staff of Queens College.

Cunningham Park Adventures 2014!

*Demo Show at QCC- March 26

*Walking Tour of Cunningham Park- April 9th from 4-6pm

*Spring Show-TBA

Looking for a career in chemistry?

Careers in Chemistry

Hello Everyone, We have new activities:

March: A middle school show and a demo show at Queensborough Community College.

April 2nd week: A nature walk through Cunningham Park led by Earth Science Experts.

Towards the end of April: Spring Chemistry Show outside Remsen Hall in the Quad.

Science Is Fun Demo Show and Bake Sale 2013!

Hey Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great summer and now that it is the start of the school year it's time to get down to business. With that on Monday, 9/16, we will be having our first meeting for the semester. We need to go over a couple of events we have planned for the semester. So Monday September 16th in Remsen 105 during free hour ( 12:30-1:30) will be our first meeting and I hope to see everyone there.


First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who participated in/spread the word about the bake sale/demo show last Wednesday - we couldn't have done it without you!! I hope everyone had an amazing time and we definitely got the word out - we can definitely have fun in science! (For those of you that weren't able to make it - you missed out! No worries though, there's always next year!) Now on to some really EXCITING news!! This Wednesday, 4/24 (tomorrow) during free hour (12:15 - 1:30pm) in Remsen 105 we are very very excited to welcome Professor John Lombardi from City College who will be speaking about art conservation and the role that science plays in the the art world. Yay!!!See? Didn't I tell you? Very exciting stuff!!! Now for a little background: Prof. Lombardi is a Cornell and Harvard alumnus that is, in addition to teaching and researching at City College, is currently working with other researchers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in helping develop new strategies to better conserve the amazing works of art. Come and join us and def bring a friend (or two or three)!!! Look forward to seeing you all there!!


Bake Sale/Demo Show on April 17 2013 during Free Hour 12:15pm @ Queens College! Come join us!

A lecture on Human Origins from 2 million year old trash from Kenya. Don't miss the club-sponsored lecture by Tom Plumer at 12:30 PM on 10/22/12, PH132 2012 HALLOWEEN SHOW scheduled for Oct 31, 2012, 12:30 PM is CANCELED as of now due to hurricane Sandy. New date will be posted soon.

Past Events:

Click here for viewing photos from Feb 2011 Club Day event CHEMISTRY MAGIC SHOW

Membership Information:

Open to QC students. To join, email scienceisfunatqc@gmail.com

Preparations are going on for the Halloween 2012 event. NOTE: This event has to be rescheduled due to Hurricane Sandy. Watch for update.

About the Club:

Science is Fun Club is part of Queens College student clubs. Any Queens College student interested in science can join the club and participate in the mission of the club. Club members share the vision of showcasing the importance of science in everyday life to other students and general public. Club members are also learners in this process as they try to learn scientific demonstrations from their peer club members. Planned activities of the club include scientific demonstrations for the public, inviting established speakers for stimulating talks on scientific history and applications.

Special Thanks To Our Past Members:

Joel Heitman
Freida Zavurov
Alana Michaels
Esther Frederick
Sarad Bhandari


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Last updated: 11 February 2013