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Organic Chemistry Glassware List

1x Distillation Column
1x Condenser West
1x 25mL Round Bottom
1x 50mL Round Bottom
1x 100mL Round Bottom
1x 250mL Round Bottom
1x 3N 500mL Round Bottom
1x 60mL Separatory Funnel
1x 125mL Separatory Funnel
1x Penny Head Stopper
1x Thermo. Holder Rubber
1x Tube Adapter for Thermo.
1x Tube Connecting Vacuum
1x Tube Connecting 3 Way
1x Tube Connecting Claissen
1x Test Tube Brush (SM or MD)
2x Thermometer (Alcohol)
1x Nickel Spatula
1x Wire Gauze
1x 50mL Beaker
1x 250mL Beaker
1x 600mL Beaker
2x Bottles, Screwcap, 2oz.
3x Clamp Fasteners
2x Clamp Bunsen
1x ClampCondenser
2x 125mL Erlenmeyer Flask
1x 250mL Erlenmeyer Flask
1x Filter Flask, 250mL
2x IronRings 3"
1x Buchner Funnel 56mm
1x Short Stem Funnel
1x Stemless Funnel
1x Graduated Cylinder, 10mL
1x Graduated Cylinder, 100mL
1x Test Tube Holder, Metal
10x TestTube(SM) 10 x 75 mm
10x TestTube(MD) 15 x 180 mm

Office Information:

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Queens College - CUNY

Flushing, NY 11367-1597

Phone: (718) 997-4130

Fax: (718) 570-0407



Environmental Health & Safety:

Parmanand Panday

Location: Re114C

Phone: (718) 997-4171

Last updated: 16 August 2018