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The Queens College Chemistry Honor Society, Beta Delta Chi, is an organization whose purpose is to inform students about opportunities in chemistry and biochemistry, as well as to assist students in need of tutoring in chemistry.

Contact Israel at Israel.Shimunov42@qmail.cuny.edu

News and Updates

02/12/2015 - We have exctiting new ideas on the way

Study tools and materials to be added shortly.

03/20/2014 - Practice exam for CHEM102 is up!

03/30/2014 - Review sheet for CHEM101 is up (almost complete).

04/30/2014 - Solution set to Dr. Morris' practice exam is up! CHEM102 materials to be added shortly.

05/05/2014 - CHEM102 review is up, structures will be added tonight.

05/06/2014 - CHEM102 Exam 3 completed review is up!

05/09/2014 - CHEM101 and CHEM102 links have been added. Please see your respective link for materials.

05/12/2014 - CHEM101 ACS review selected questions are up!

05/12/2014 - CHEM102 ACS review selected questions are up!

05/14/2014 - Chemistry Honors Society Induction Ceremony today during free hour.

02/12/2015 - The "Links" Tab is updated with Excellent Freelance Teacher Tutoring Videos

Please contact Israel.Shimunov42@qmail.cuny.edu to reach Israel if you have any questions or find any bugs!

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