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ACS study questions: NOTE: Answers are at the end of each section, if you would like to see solutions for these please ask me:

Atomic Structure (starting on p.7): AS-1, AS-2, AS-3 practice questions: 1, 2, 4, 7, 9.

Molecular Structure (starting on p.11) practice questions : 4, 6, 18.

Stoichiometry (starting on p.27) practice questions: 7, 12, 20, 21, 28.

CHEM101 practice exam answers and review sheet (almost complete) are up! Click the blank box for the review sheet or scroll down and right click on the image and press "save image as" to keep the answer sheet! GET STARTED EARLY! Email any questions to ariira123@yahoo.com. Thanks and good luck! -Ethan

We are here to help you!

Beta Delta Chi free tutoring and referral service for spring 2014

Free tutoring

Referral Service

Aside from free tutoring services, Beta Delta Chi also has a referral service for students who want extra help in chemistry. The tutors to be recommended are all members of Beta Delta Chi, qualified to teach chemistry. Prices, schedule, and other details are to be discussed privately with the referred tutor.
Please email us at ariira123@yahoo.com for this service.