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Research Group:

Dr. Harry D Gafney
Dr. Edward Look
Dr. Jim Dimitrakopoulos
Dr. Parbatee Jagassar
Dr. Julie Leventhal
Mr. Anthony Perri
Mr. Henry Shum
Mr. Daiki Okamoto
Mr. Abderrahim Chouaib
Mr. Joel Heitman

Research Projects:

Research in our laboratories falls in the general areas of inorganic chemistry, photochemistry and photophysics of transition metal complexes and oxides, and material science. The following describes a number of current projects and how we are attempting to apply the results of these projects to solving relevant problems.

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Research Laboratories:

Research Interests:

Recent Publications:

  • Gafney, H. D., Look, E. G. Zaitsev, V.; Xu, S.; "Photocatalyzed Conversion of CO2 to CH4: Nature and Distribution of Tungsten Oxides in Porous Vycor Glass"

  • Gafney, H.D.; Look E.G. "Photocatalyzed Conversion of CO2 to CH4: An Excited State Acid-base Mechanism" J. Phys. Chem. A (2013), 117(47), 12268-12279.

  • Gafney, H.D.; Jagassar, P.; Perri, A.; Ibarrola, G. "Ligand Initiated Self-Assembly of Pt and Ir Nanoparticles about Ru(II) Diimines in Room Temperature Fluid Solution" J. Phys. Chem. C (2013), 117(94), 1925-1934.

  • Gafney, H. D.; Amarasinghe, D. S.; Sunil, D. "Effect of CO Pressure Gradients on the Photo- and Thermal-Chemistry of Fe(CO)5 Physisorbed into Porous Vycor Glass" J. Phys. Chem. C (2011), 115(43), 20824-20831.

  • Gafney, H. D.; Zambrana, J. L.; Ferloni, E. X. "Excited-State Coordination Chemistry: Excited State Basicity of Bis(2,2'-bipyridyl)(2,3-dipyridylpyrazine)ruthenium(II)" J. Phys. Chem, (A) (2009), 113, 13457-13468.

  • Gafney, H.D.; Sunil, D.; Dong, J. "Influence of Amorphous Silica Matrices on the Formation, Structure and Chemistry of Iron and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles" J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2009), 131, 14768-14777.

  • Gafney, H.D.; Aebisher, D.; AQzar, N.S.; Zamadar, M.; Gandra, N.; Gao, R.; Greer, A."Singlet Oxygen Chemistry in Water. A Porous Vycor Glass-Supported Sensitizer" J. Phys. Chem, (B) (2008), 112(7), 1913-1917.

  • Gafney, H. D.; Zambrana, J. L.; Ferloni, E. X.; Colis, J. C. "Multiple Charge Transfer Emissions From Different Metal-Ligand Pairs in Ruthenium Diimines" Inorg. Chem. (2008), 47(1), 2-4.

  • Gafney, H.D.; Chatterjee, S.; Krikorian, M.; Gersten, B. "Synthesis and Self-Assembly of DMPC-Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles, in Biomolecular and Biologically Inspired Interfaces and Assemblies, Mater. Res. Soc. (2007), 106, 1061-MM09-08.

Recent Ph.D. Theses:

  • Kowalczyk, M. “Bimolecular Encounters: Acid-Base or Electron Transfer Complexes. Experiment and Theory” CUNY, 2013.

  • Jagassar, P.S. “Synthesis, Characterization and Chemistry of Platinum and Iridium Nanoparticles in Solution and Nanoporous Silicas”, CUNY, 2012.

  • Ferloni, E., “Ground- and Excited-State Chemistry of (Bis(2,2’-Bipyridine)(2-(2-Pyridyl)Pyrazine)Ruthenium(II): Protonation and Coordination.”, CUNY, 2012 .

  • Amarasinghe, A. S. “Microstructural Environments and Redox States of Iron in Random and Ordered Porous Silica Matrices”, CUNY, 2007.

  • Zambrana, Jose, “Excited-State Acid-Base & Coordination Chemistry of Ruthenium(II) Diimines; Association with Various Metal Ions”, CUNY, 2007.

Contact Information:

Harry D. Gafney
Inorganic Chemistry
Remsen, Room 206E
Phone: 718-997-4114
Last updated: 23 July 2014