Current Group Members

Pablo Ramos

Dr Pablo Ramos is interested in exciton and charge transfer mechanisms and apply them to the discovery of new materials and biological processes. He is also interested »

Marta Kowalczyk

Dr Marta Kowalczyk is interested in photochemistry of inorganix and organic compounds, charge transfer complexes, artificial photosynthesis, and conjugated polumers for use in photvoltaic cells. »

Ning Chen

Dr Ning Chen is currently interested the florescence mechanism of conjugated oligomers by performing quantum chemistry calculations, and theoretical modeling to explain excitonic behavior in these molecules as seen in room temperature single molecule spectroscopy. »

Murali Devi

Dr Devi is interested in theoretical and computational modeling of conjugate polymers, room temperature single molececule spectroscopy, and the application of quantum master equations to quantum open systems. »

Taner Mahmut Ture

Taner Mahmut Ture is studying quantum dynamics of proton and electron transfer. He is interested in finding both the numerical and analytical solutions of quantum master equations »

Ryan Lim Pangilinan

Ryan Lim is currently a Physics PhD student studying Quantum Chemistry. »

Former Group Members

Daniel Montemayor

Dr Montemayor has worked on modeling of exciton Hamiltonian for light harvesting complexes and quantum dynamics of delocalized excitons. He has also worked on application of Machine learning techniques to unerstand activation of olfactory receptors. He is currently working in the Department of Medicine, University of Texas Health Science center in San Antonia, Texas. »

Eva Rivera

Dr Rivera has worked on all atomistic simulation of large-scale biological systems such as photosynthetic light harvesting complexes and olfactory rceptors. She has also worked on force field development and parameterization employing classical and quantum calculation methods. »

Hiroko Ajiki

Dr Ajiki has worked on electronic sturcture calculation of various organic conjugated molecules such as oligophenylene-vinylene and PCBM-oliogofluorene dyads. She is currently working in Japan.

Andres Castillo

Dr Castillo was a Master's student in the group. He completed his PhD with Prof. David Reichman at Columbia University, and is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher for Prof. Thomas Markland at Stanford University.

Lei Yang

Dr Yang worked on theoretical modeling of exciton transfer processes in organic conjuagted molecules and also developed theories of coherent resonance energy transfer reaction. He is currently an assistant professor in China.

Praveen Kumar

Dr Kumar worked on theoretical modeling of emission linehsapes of photosynthetic light harvesting complexes and also development of polaron transformed lineshape theories. He is currently a research assistant professor at Texas Tech University.

Xun Huang

Xun Huang received a Master's degree and worked on the modeling of lineshapes of electronic excited states.

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