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Uri Samuni, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, (1998)

Queens College - CUNY

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Room: Remsen 026A

Tel: 718-997-4223

Fax: 718-997-5531

Prof. Uri Samuni has a doctorate in Physical Chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and postdoctoral training at the Keck Biomolecular Laser Research Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Our research is interdisciplinary, involving physical chemistry and nanotechnology and their application to biophysical and biomedical challenges.

The main objective of our research is combining spectroscopy, sol-gel encapsulation of proteins and nanotechnology to overcome biophysical and biomedical challenges. In sol-gel encapsulation, proteins are embedded in the inert and optically transparent sol-gel matrix and yet remain functionally active. This constitutes a unique platform for the study of protein conformational dynamics and the characterization of non-equilibrium conformations as they relate to protein function. This approach enables the following of the reaction coordinate of proteins, a better understanding of their structure-function relationship and the prospect of harnessing proteins to various applications. Moreover, we are working on extending the sol-gel fabrication method to generated sol-gel based hybrid nanoparticles (nanogels). These nanogels, with their high surface area and extensive network of pores lend themselves to a large range of applications such as biosensors, improved chemical catalysis and drug delivery.



Lab openings

We currently have openings for graduate students in the lab. If you find our research projects of interest please contact us via phone or e-mail.

Undergraduate students interested in research are also welcome.

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