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Structure-Function studies of proteins: Sol-gel encapsulation of proteins as a unique platform for the study of protein conformational dynamics and the characterization of non-equilibrium conformations as they relate to protein function.

Biophotonics: Synthesis and applications of biomolecules encapsulated in solid matrices as novel photonic materials for applications such as biosensors or light induced theraputics.

Bio-nanotechnology: Development of sol-gel based nanoparticles (including biomimetic approaches) and of biomolecules encapsulated nanogels applications such as imaging and drug delivery.

Surface Enhanced Resonance Raman: Develop and characterize metal (gold and silver) nanoparticles encapsulated within sol-gel matrices as a novel medium for employing surface enhanced resonance Raman (SERS).

Nitroxides - potent antioxidants: Towards the theraputic applications of nitroxides antioxidants. Utilizing spectroscopy (EPR, Fluorescence and Resonance Raman) and kinetic studies to elucide the kinetic and mechanistic interplay between Nitroxides, Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Heme Proteins.

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